BITEME LURES is a hard (BITEME HARD) and soft (BITEME SOFT) lure company. Designed by anglers (Tyler Young Alberta Canada, Rich Fitzgerald Florida USA) for anglers.


Our flagship BITEME HARD  lure line, THE SWIMS AT SERIES, is designed to cover the water column from 2ft to 15ft plus. Starting with squre bill cranks for the shallows (2ft to 4ft), followed by our unique shad cranks to cover the middle (6ft to 10ft) and finished with our deep crank (swms at 15ft plus).


All lures in our SWIMS AT SERIES  float at rest to better control the swim to your desired depth covering each and every inch of water. Matched with a strong rattle, weighted and designed for optimal casting distance, plus finished in our custom fish cathing colors and patterns together makes for a killer fishing system.